With over 20 years of painting in Adelaide new and existing homes are my specialty.


Nothing feels more refreshing than giving an old tired house a face lift this was a heritage house at Magill. Most people wish they had of done it years ago.Colour consulting is just as important as applying paint and the finished product.Most customers have a clear vision of their colour section, some costumers have no experience of choosing colours, so important to know what colours work together. Various elements come in to play when choosing colours, nature lighting, floor boards,furniture and curtains etc.So often its not as easy as picking the first colour you find it can sometimes be more involved that that.


Adelaide has some pretty harsh weather extremes, hot in summer freezing in winter. Protect your house from the elements with a fresh coat of paint.Without proper paint protection your house can deteriorate quickly, choosing the correct exterior paint is paramount to keeping your paint job looking fresh and new. Colour Bond colours often give a new modern look to some exteriors, whereas some houses should stay in  heritage colours. Its sometimes not straight forward to pick any old colour. An exterior paint job in Norwood